Enriched with electrolytes, biotin, vitamin E and selenium yeast

Advantage is a salt lick from natural rock salt for active horses. The salt lick is enriched to improve electrolyte balance and muscle performance, both as a preventative measure and during recovery.

Available as 2 kg, 6 x 2 kg and 10 kg.

Equisalt Advantage - Improve your horse´s fitness

SALINITY salt licks are manufactured in Sweden with a special high pressure method, which makes them durable. Contains approved additives and are approved as a feed additive.

Biotin is required for cell metabolism and has been shown to promote hoof quality.

Selenium and Vitamin E work together, mutually enhancing muscle functions. Selenium from selenium yeast improves the palatability of the salt lick and is appreciated by even the pickiest horses.

Sodium is not contained in the natural diet and needs to be available daily to ensure that basic needs are fulfilled. During exercise, transportation, or on warm days, sodium requirements are increased.

Electrolytes need to be supplemented to maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance.

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