Pure feed salt

Complement for active horses

For a horse at rest, salt stone is usually enough to cover the daily needs. If you have an active horse, you need to add additional salt to the feed or through saline solution. Pure feed salt is processed in Sweden and consists of pure rock salt without additives.

Available as 6 kg bucket and 15 kg PE bag.

Equisalt Pure is feed salt from natural rock salt to provide the horse’s daily salt requirements and maintain a healthy salt balance.

SALINITYS feed salt is packed in Sweden.

Salt is not included in the natural diet and needs to be available daily to ensure that the basic needs are fulfilled. All horses need salt, regardless whether they are relaxing or doing hard work.

For a horse at rest, a salt lick is usually enough to cover the daily requirement, while horses doing hard work need additional salt either in the feed or as saline solution.

The horse regulates the salt- and fluid balance when it has free access to a salt lick and water. Excess salt is secreted with the urine.

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